Where is the “check-ball” in the 13000 series Circulating Tank Heater?

Unlike the older 12000 series tank heaters, the 13000 series tank heaters do not require a “check-ball” due to the structural design of the unit. The 13000 series tapered outlet design also makes them more efficient than previous models. When installing a circulating tank heater it is also important to remember to place the unit in the correct position, as per the instructions, so that the tank heater will gravity drain properly.

What is the best way to eliminate air pockets after heater installation?

When re-filling your system with coolant mixture, you should first fill the radiator, then the coolant reservoir. Then run the engine until internal thermostat opens and continue running for 20 minutes to eliminate air pockets while continuing to add water to fill both the radiator and the reservoir.

Which heater products are thermostatically controlled?

Our lower radiator heaters, circulating tank heaters, and magnetic heaters are all thermostatically controlled. Please consult the Kat’s Heaters Application Guide for temperature ranges.

How do I get the most life from my Kat’s Heater products?

If your Kats product is installed and maintained properly, it will provide you with years of reliable performance. It is important to follow all instructions as indicated when doing the initial installation of the selected part(s), this includes making sure that all air is properly bled from the system. Always unplug your Kats heating product before starting the vehicle, as the heater should never be energized while the vehicle is running, since this will significantly shorten the products life. It is also a good idea to use distilled water for your coolant/water mixture. This will guard against the buildup of calcium and lime, and keep your unit heating for years to come.

Where can I purchase  products made by Five Star Manufacturing?

Five Star Manufacturing has many distributors across North America. It is likely your local automotive or heavy duty parts supplier already carries our products. If you are unable to locate our products in your area, contact us at info@fivestarmanufacturing.com or at 1-888-872-7278, and we will be happy to provide you with a list of distributors in your area.

How do I become a distributor of Five Star Manufacturing’s product lines?

Information on becoming a distributor can be obtained by contacting us via email at: info@fivestarmanufacturing.com or by calling: 1-888-872-7278 and requesting to speak to our sales department.

Are Silicone Hot Pad Heaters only to be used on oil pans?

No. Our Silicone Hot Pad Heaters have many uses, such as: transmission pans, generators, agricultural and industrial applications, hydraulics, all-terrain vehicles, solvent tanks, oil drums, and anywhere else you need a safe, reliable heating solution. Our silicone hot pads are pliable, as well as acid and oil resistant which allows you to use them almost anywhere.

How can I be sure the element on my frost plug heater is turned in the correct direction?

The Kat’s Application Guide has a complete listing of installation locations and directions listed by specific application. Always make sure to check this before installing the product. If you are in doubt, carefully remove the o-ring (be careful not to nick or damage the o-ring), again place the heater in the frost plug hole. Without the o-ring in place it should be easier to feel for metal on metal contact. If the frost plug heater does not touch or lean on the interior of the block, then remove the frost plug heater, replace the o-ring, and install the unit in that direction.

Does it harm the heating element in my Kat’s product if I expose it air for even a short period of time?

Yes. Any exposure of the heating element to air will cause the unit to fail. Even doing a quick “test” to see if the element will heat up will destroy the element. Do not plug in items before they are installed to see if they get hot…Trust us, They WILL. If you need to test the product, then use an ohms meter to check the continuity of the unit.

How do I get technical assistance with my Five Star Manufacturing products?

Our Contact page has both telephone and email contact information to assist you in receiving the technical assistance you need.

I am having trouble finding a heating solution for the Dodge Sprinter vehicles. Can you help?

We have the answer you need. You will find special heater installation instructions for the Dodge Sprinter in Catalog section under “Troubleshooting”.

My ether start system will not operate in warmer conditions. Why will it not activate anytime I wish?

The engine temperature must be at 50˚F or below for the ether system to activate. It is thermostatically controlled in this manner to protect the engine. At temperatures over 50˚F the excess heat generated by the ether system could potentially damage pistons, gaskets, or other parts of the engine.

What is the best method for installing the new cartridge style heater?

Check the listing for the correct core hole location. Clean dirt and debris from cartridge heater hole (compressed air works best). Coat core hole and cartridge heater body (do not coat terminals) with NSCG silicone grease G-624. This will create good temperature transfer and prevent moisture from entering the core hole. Slide cartridge heater into position until fully seated. Route cord through grille and secure.